Livermore Homeless Refuge

Supplies and Volunteers Always Needed

As the weather begins to warm, we continue to support the homeless through the shower facilities and soup kitchens of Livermore.

Our current need is for summer clothing, underwear, personal hygiene products and snacks.  Scroll down for a list.

Please call Donna and Bob at 443-7389 or cell 895-4167 for information about volunteering or to have them pick up supplies.

The Livermore Homeless Refuge opens their doors November to April to provide a warm place to sleep for the approximately 80 homeless men and women of Livermore.  When the weather forecast is for rain or temperatures below 40 degrees, the Refuge is open all night to literally prevent deaths by exposure.  The Refuge is not a single facility, but rather a cooperative effort between the faith-based groups and people of good will of Livermore; the Refuge spends two weeks at a time at different churches throughout the winter months.  Expenses are very low.  They need our time and supplies more than anything.  During the summer, the volunteers serve at the shower facilities around Livermore where they continue to get much needed clothing and supplies to our homeless brothers and sisters.

Please call Donna and Bob at 443-7389 or cell 895-4167.

You can help in many different ways!  Many opportunities to fit your time and talents!
We need many helping hands for setup, cleanup, transporting supplies, as well as staffing the evening, night and morning shifts.  Any time that you have to give is deeply appreciated!  Want to know more?  Please call Donna and Bob at 443-7389 or cell 895-4167. 

Supplies needed during the summer months:

We are not asking for nor do we need "new" clothes.  Gently used "summer" clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, shorts, shirts, t-shirts are very much needed and appreciated. 

Our wish list includes:

Deodorant (men and women)
Tooth brushes
Tooth paste
Disposable razors (men and women)
Wet Wipes
Sun tan lotion
Cup of soups

Socks (men and women)
Underwear, briefs and boxers (men, Sizes Large and X-Large)
Underwear, (women, Sizes 6, 7, 8)
Bras (women, any sizes)
T-shirts (men, Sizes Large and X-Large)
Summer clothing, jeans, shorts, shirts, tank tops
Baseball hats
Shoes (all sizes)

We appreciate any and all donations.  You can be assured that nothing is wasted!  We have a need and use everything we are given.

Supplies needed during the winter months:

Clothing and shoes for men and women (new or gently used)
Large drip coffee pot
Large hot water pot
Coffee (drip) regular and decaffinated
Coffee (instant)
Coffee cream (powered)
Hot chocolate
Tea bags
Sweet & Low
Paper bowls (regular and small size)
Paper plates (regular and small size)
Paper cups
Paper coffee cups
Plastic forks, knives and spoons
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Paper napkins
Instant oatmeal
Spray air freshners
Clorox Wipes
Spray cleaner (409, Simple Green or any kind)

As you get you summer sporting equipment ready, how about donating your gently used sleeping bags to the Livermore Homeless Refuge? 

For more information, visit the Livermore Homeless Refuge website at: